Subverting Consumer Culture: What’s the Why?


If you’re going on this counterculture journey in our crazy consumerist society, you have to have your “why” that you can turn to during times when you’ve had a long day and all you want to do at the end of it is reap the instant gratification rewards your hard-earned paycheck can offer. 


My Why:
I choose to pursue FI because I want all of the freedom that comes with financial security. I want the freedom to pursue different opportunities, projects, and jobs at my own leisure. I want the freedom to financially focus on my own priorities and not be tied down and limited especially by things like consumer tendencies and obligations. I don’t ever want to be backed into a corner or limited due to lacking financial security. Ultimately, I want to be the queen of my own time and have enough funds to pursue my own interests and priorities as I see fit as I live a long, happy, and whole life.


Having a reason to do what you do day in and day out is critical because modern society and consumer culture encourages blowing your complete paycheck every month, negative savings rates, and lavish amounts of consumer debt. Finding that mantra or that “why” to hold close when times get tough can be incredibly powerful and motivating!


What’s more, consumer culture doesn’t just encourage poor financial habits, any quick look into what’s happening with chronic disease trends and statistics in the past couple decades will show that not only are the finances of the average American in a rough state, so is the health. 


This is a serious issue to consider alongside FIRE! Even if I penny pinch and invest well enough to retire early, if I get there and I find myself retiring to a life filled with unhealthy relationships, depression, chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or a heart condition I am still not looking at a high quality of life. In fact, my quality of life could actually be worse upon retirement than it was while I was still in the workforce.

Is that something you want for yourself?  No! That’s not something you would want for your worst enemy let alone yourself! That’s why I have created this blog as not only a source of motivation and conversation toward the FI movement but also a space focused on personal health and self-care. 


Wherever you are right now, take a second to think of what your why is and find a post-it note or even a scrap of paper and write down your reason is for wanting to subvert the norm. Post it somewhere where you will see it everyday and remember your reasons for going on this journey.


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